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LONDON: (balochwarna correspondent); Hundreds of people attended a protest demonstration which was called by Balochistan Action Committee (BAC) World Sindhi Congress (WSC), Balochistan Rights Movement (BRM) and Sindhi Baloch Forum (SBF) while slamming the killing of Nawab Bugti, former governor of Balochistan and nationalist Baloch leader, have demanded of the UN, EU, US, and international community to declare Pakistan a terrorist state and set up an international committee to investigate the murder of Nawab Akbar khan Bugti besides appealing to big powers to stop Pakistan form using the weapons, given by the West and US to use against Al-Qaeeda against Baloch people.

Addressing a demonstration in front of 10 Downing Street on Sunday against the killing of Akbar Khan Bugti and alleged military crackdown on Baloch people the leader of BAC Abdul Samad Baloch said that the gathering slammed the killing of Baloch leader. “The killing of Nawab Bugti is a terrorist act. Today we demand independent Balochistan and an end to plundering of our resources by Pakistani military and Punjab. Pakistan is an international terrorist state that is harbouring fundamentalists and creating problems of security for other countries. Pakistan’s Punjabi military has used chemical weapons against Baloch people and international community must take notice of this barbarity.”

He said that the UK and the US gave weapons to Pakistan to fight against Al-Qaeeda and Taliban. “But the Pakistani military is using them against defenceless Baloch. We demand that supply of weapons to Pakistan must be banned. We also demand that world take notice of Baloch nation’s genocide at the hands of Pakistani army.”

Speaking on the occasion Dr Naseer Dashti Baloch said that Pakistan military killed thousand of Bengalis to prove that they were form martial races. “They also killed Palestinians and other people. They are skilled to killing innocent people. They are skilled to training terrorists. They are supporting terrorists in India, UK, Chechnya and other part of world. But let me tell them that this time no general Aurora would come. No all India radio will announce ending of war. Balochistan would become their graveyard. Pakistani military would be buried in the deserts of Balochistan.”

He also rejected the allegation of Pakistani govt that Afghanistan and India are supporting Baloch fighters, talking to BBC Urdu Mr Dashti said if India and Afghanistan were supporting baloch fighters then today the Pakistani coward army wouldn’t dare to kill our people so brutally.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Dushoki of BUF said that the gathering was there to slam the killing of Nawab Bugti “vision of Mr Jinnah was dead the day Pakistani military had started oppressing Bengali people. Balochistan used to be prosperous 60 years ago. We would help other states but Pakistani establishment has plundered its resources. Baloch people are deprived of basic necessities of life. We shall not tolerate this exploitation any longer.”

Raheem Baloch of Balochistan People’s Party (West Balochistan) said Nawab Bugti took the right decision by challenging the military establishment of Pakistan who had been usurping the rights of Baloch people since 1947. Terming the killing of Nawab Bugti a great loss, he said all Baloch were proud of him.

Hussain Baloch of greater Balochistan national congress said that the Baloch were fighting for the national and democratic rights. “I urge Tony Blair to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. We ask international community the EU, UN and other international bodies to demilitarize Pakistan.

It worth mentioning that Mr. Hussain was the only speaker who voiced against Iranian oppression of Baloch people and said ‘the peace loving, democracy loving, secular minded people of Balochistan are being bombed, arrested, tortured, killed and imprisoned by the occupying forces of Iran and Pakistan and yet the international community is silence on this.’

On behalf of Greater Balochistan National Congress he thanked governments of India and Afghanistan for condemning Pakistan over the killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti

Dr Haleem Bhatti said that Baloch and Sindhis were united against the atrocities of establishment. “We should all be united against fascist Punjabis who have been oppressing other nations of Pakistan. We should show pakistan military that we are united against your brutalities and ready to sacrifice our lives for freedom.”

Haji Mir Abdul Rehman Talpur said that Baloch would never surrender to oppression. “Martyrdom of Nawab Bugti has given a new life our movement. He has proved that Baloch can die but cannot surrender. Nawab Nauroz Khan was murdered in Hyderabad jail along with his family and now Bugti was killed at the age of 80. I want to tell the Pakistani establishment that Baloch would continue their struggle unit they got their rights."

Abdul Rehman Talpur said Nawab Bugti did not lost is life cause of the cave collapsing but he sacrificed his life fighting with the enemy forces. He said the cave theory is nothing but a lie by Pakistan’s Punjabi army. He also said that he didn't believe that Pakistani army have buried Nawab’s body. He asked form Mr Lasi how come the watch and glasses of Nawab sahib were not even scratched, no sane person will believe a liar like Lasi. Pakistani army has lost more men in the battle with Baloch fighter then they killed. Baloch are fighting for their freedom and justice and we will continue to fight on all levels and fronts.

Dr Lakhu Luhana of World Sindhi Congress if they killed one Bugti another thousand would emerge to fight the atrocities of Punjab. “The government not only killed the Baloch leader but they also lied shamelessly. They insulted the Baloch people by not handing over the body of slain leader. We want to tell them that these dirty tactics would not help them.”

Lakhu said that the target killing of Nawab Bugti and his companion is a warning to all those who stand to this brutal army and ask for their rights. If we keep silence and don’t oppose this Punjabi dominant army they will kill all political leaders and activists one by one, he urged Baloch and Sindhi people unite together and stand to the brutal army of Punjab. He said Pakistan to me is only Punjab other nationalities living there have to right to speak, to walk freely and to ask for justice and freedom.

He said Nawab Bugti was not only the leader of Baloch people but he was the leader of all oppressed nationalities, he further said if asking for our rights and freedom is a crime then today we are all here to commit this crime. But Pakistan should note that we will not abandon the struggle of our national rights and freedom.

The demonstrators were holding play cards, banners and pictures of the slain leader. The banners and play cards were inscribed with slogans like “ Shame on Musharraf, pakistani Military Shame on You, Bugti is Our Hero, Stop Supporting Pakistan, We want Schools and Hospitals in Balochistan Not Bullets, Stop Genocide of Baloch, Sindh and Balochistan are Pakistan’s Colony,We condemn the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti by Pakistan govt’ Stop supplying arms to Pakistan’ Pakistan is Mother of Evils’ Nawab Bugti shall live in our hearts and minds for ever’ No Pakistan, No Al Qaeda’ We demand international intervention in Balochistan’ Stop Criminal Pakistani Military Operation in Balochistan and many others.

The demonstrators chanted slogans against Pakistani establishment, general Musharraf and presented a memorandum at 10 Downing Street. The memorandum demanded of the world community to intervene immediately to stop the Pakistan military from oppressing innocent Baloch people besides appealing Blair and Queen to set up an international committee to investigate into the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti. The memorandum also demands of her majesty to take the issue of rights of self-determination of Baloch and Sindhi people to international forum like UN, EU, and common Wealth.

It may be mentioned that the attitude of Baloch and Sindhi groups have changed towards a harder line than what was seen in previous demonstrations. When a banner was displayed by some individual stating ‘ Faujiun door hatu Pakistan hamara hay’ (army keep away Pakistan is ours), the demonstrators angrily remove and destroyed the banner. Another group (most probably sent by Pakistan’s embassy) carrying Pakistani flag chanting slogans against the Baloch and Sindhi activist and justifying the military action in Balochistan wanted to join the demonstration was stopped by the police on the demand of Baloch demonstrators and was sent away. However a family form Lahore Punjab was allowed to join the demonstration peacefully and was holding play cards which inscribed like: Long live unity’ We love Baloch Brothers (a brother form punjab) ‘We are together under one Ideology one Anthem and one Flag’ (a daughter form punjab) ‘We respect Baloch Rights’ Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch and Pathan We are Four Brother of one Family (a son form Punjab). We Strongly Condemn the military action in Baloch and others. The family has admitted that they were not aware of the situations of Balochistan and had no idea why the Army is target killing Baloch leaders so brutally.

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