News : PS to buy 60,000 tons coal from Balochistan
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The following statement clearly indicates that the Pakistan's Punjabi occupier need the Baloch land not the people of Balochistan. Nowhere in the statement anything is mentioned for the benifit of the people of Balochistan.

QUETTA, Nov 30: Pakistan Steel Mills would purchase 60,000 tons of coal at an estimated cost of Rs250 million during the current financial year from Balochistan. Talking on newsmen on Friday Chairman of PS Maj. Gen. (retd) Javed said that it would not only save precious foreign exchange for the country but would also be a beginning towards self sufficiency in raw material obtained from the domestic sources. Steel Mills import raw material worth billions of rupees from foreign countries, including iron ore and coal.

He said that his visit to Balochistan was aimed to ascertain information about coal reserves as the province was rich in the coal and iron ore that should be explored.

Mr Javed claimed that investment in coalmine sector would accelerate Development and economic activities that would save the foreign exchange.

He said the people had been complaining against the high steel prices in the market which were due to transportation charges on import of raw material from foreign countries.

The PS chairman said that Balochistan supplied coal to the British India in the past and the coal was also supplied to Pakistan Railways for operating trains engines.

He said the quality of Balochistan coal was good and “we have tested the coal that fulfils our criteria.” To a query Mr. Javed said that the purchase of coal would be through open tender and priority would be given to the supplier of good quality coal.

He, however, said that the Sindh Thar coal did not fulfil standard required by the Steel Mill.

Good quality coal, iron ore supply to PSM ensured

QUETTA: Balochistan Caretaker Mines and Minerals Minister Nawabzada Aurangzeb Khan Jogezai Saturday lauded the decision of the Pakistan Steel Mills authorities for purchasing coal and other raw-materials from Balochistan and added it would boost economy of the province.

Talking to reporters here he said the province was among the few areas in Asia that abound in natural resources. These resources can be the best source of revenue generation and economic activities.

He said the government was taking effective measures to promote mining and exploitation of coal, gas, iron and other resources in order to utilise them for development of the province and the country. He maintained the government was engaged in talks with various individuals and tribes to end disputes on coalmines so that it could be utilised for welfare of that area and the progress of Balochistan.

He lauded the efforts of the Pakistan Army for solving disputes like that on Chamalang Coalfield and "Tarkha China" areas and added that these fields are generating revenue worth billions of rupees. To a question the minister said supply of best quality coal would be ensured to the PSM.

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