News : 17-year old Baloch boy hanged in Zahedan by the Iranian government
on 2007/5/29 18:00:00 (1420 reads)

Balochwarna strongly condemns the execution of Saeed Qanbarzahi Baloch. We appeal to International community to take action against the executions of innocent Baloch people by the hands of Iranian Islamic fundamentalist regime. We urge the international Human Rights Organisations and International community and International Media to visit Iranian Occupied Balochistan and see the Iranian Regimes crimes against humanity for yourselves.

Zahidan, Balochistan: Despite of appeals made by the Amnesty International, UNPO, and other Human Rights organization to the Iranian authorities to halt the execution of the 17 years old Baloch teenager Saeed Qanbarzahi.

Iranian government executed him in Dozaap (Zahedan) the capital of Balochistan early on Sunday 27-05-2007. Saeed Qanbarzahi was arrested, tortured and executed, on account of his family ties with those (PRMI movement) suspected of having been involved in the killing of at least 14 Revolutionary Guards, on 14 February 2007 in Balochistan.

A new wave of executions of Baloch people is occurring, but due to public fear in Balochistan, Iranian authorities have been taking Baloch prisoners for execution into non Baloch areas of neighboring provinces, namely in Khorassan, Kerman and Hormozgan provinces.

Balochistan People’s Party condemns the execution of 17 year old Saeed Qanbarzahi and appeals to the international community including Human Rights Organizations to:

1. Put diplomatic pressure on the Iranian state to stop human rights violations in Balochistan.
2. Urge the authorities of Iran to release all political prisoners.
3. Send a fact finding delegation to Balochistan in order to highlight the current situation and suffering of Baloch people in Iran.

Courtsy: Balochistan peoples Party

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