News : New logo, new slogan and new website
on 2012/7/4 17:00:00 (1121 reads)

We are proud to announce that our redesigned and optimized website, as part of our 7th anniversary celebrations will be online soon. The new website will be offering visitors an enhanced browsing experience as well as a wealth of information. We are going one step beyond from Balochwarna web page to online News. At “Balochwarna News” our main focus will be to bring the news from ignored part of world where killing of innocent Baloch people belonging to all spheres of life goes unnoticed. Where, Pakistan has made it almost impossible for foreign journalists to visit and the local journalists to report the state atrocities against people of Balochistan.

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  • Freedom of Baloch nation is inevitable: Hyrbyair Marri (2012/7/3 0:00:00)
  • Baloch tweeples bombarded MEPs with tweets as part of their mass awareness campaign (2012/7/1 2:00:00)
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    Anouncements : Baloch and Sindhi people to hold a protest demonstration against human rights violations
    on 2012/6/6 0:00:00 (883 reads)

    Against the Murder of a Sindhi Leader Muzaffar Bhutto and 14 Activists in Karachi on 22nd May
    June 10th, 2012 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    Opposite 10 Downing Street
    Nearest Tube Station: Westminster Station

    London: World Sindhi Congress in collaboration with International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and Baloch Human Rights Council has announced to hold a protest demonstration in front of the residence of British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, London. The protest is aimed to demand from the International community to support the just struggle of Baloch and Sindhi people and support them to stop the gross violations of human rights committed by Pakistan and its proxy religious organisations.

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  • Conference on Balochi Language and Musical concert in London (2012/5/29 0:00:00)
  • National Press Club to Host "NEWSMAKER" Briefing on Baluchistan (2012/3/25 0:00:00)
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    Breaking News : Three little girls injured in Kalat fanatic acid attack
    on 2010/4/29 23:00:00 (2395 reads)

    Occupied Balochistan, Kalat: another three little girls have become victims of acidifying by apparently ISI supported fanatic group in the city of Kalat on Thursday afternoon.

    According BBC Urdu News Service Eight year old Saima, 14 year old Shakila and 20 year old Fatima were on their way to Killi Pandunari from Kalat down when they become prey of acid attack by unknown motorcyclists. The predators fled the scene after throwing acid on the girls. It must be noted that two weeks ago acid were spilled on two girls in the town of Noshki in Balochistan. Baloch political and resistance Organisations had strongly condemned the attack and termed it a conspiracy against Baloch freedom struggle.

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  • Balochistan: Another three Baloch leaders picked up by Pak-agencies (2009/4/3 4:10:00)
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