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We are proud to announce that our redesigned and optimized website, as part of our 7th anniversary celebrations will be online soon. The new website will be offering visitors an enhanced browsing experience as well as a wealth of information. We are going one step beyond from Balochwarna web page to online News. At “Balochwarna News” our main...
Freedom of Baloch nation is inevitable: Hyrbyair Marri

London: The Baloch patriot, Hyrbyair Marri, has warned that if the international community does not cooperate with the Baloch people to check Pakistan’s support for extremist Islamic groups, the menace would one day pose serious threats to the stability and security of other nations of the world.

“We are destined to...
Baloch tweeples bombarded MEPs with tweets as part of their mass awareness campaign

London: Online and Social Media activism is growing and becoming effective with each passing day. The Baloch Social Media Association (BSMA) on Sunday launched an awareness campaign on twitter. The purpose of the mass twitting was to present evidence of human rights violations in Balochistan to the wider world community. Most of...
Growing tendency of committing suicide among Pakistani soldiers deployed in Balu...

By Archen Baluch

Occupied Baluchistan: Reliable sources have revealed that Pakistani soldiers deployed in Baluchistan have been suffering from stress and there has been a sharp rise in committing suicides among Pakistani military personnel. This trend illustrates Pakistani occupying forces are losing the moral...
Baluch Haq Tawar leader killed, his cousin dies after hearing the sad news

Occupied Balochistan: A veteran Baluch tribal elder and prominent activists of Baluch Haq Tawar was killed in Quetta, here on Saturday.

According to details unidentified armed men barged into a shop of Malik Noor Ahmed Qambarani in Satellite Town area of Quetta and seriously wounded him after attacking him with knives....
Families of abducted Marri Baluch from Sindh appeal for safe release of their lo...

Nawabshah (Sindh): The relatives of four Marri Baluch have made an urgent appeal for the immediate and save release of their loved ones.

According to details family members of Farid S/O Fateh Khan Marri, Dhani Bakhsh S/O Mirz Ali Marri, Shah Ali S/O Mohammad Ali Marri and Gul Bahar S/O Mohammad Ali Marri issued a joint...
Baloch activists in London, Norway and Sweden held protests in support of tortur...

Baloch activists in Norway, Sweden and London have held simultaneous protests demonstrations and protest camps on 26 June the international day in support of torture victims.

Norway: In Norway a protest demonstration was held in front of Parliament house in Oslo. Waheed Baluch of BSO-Azad while addressing the gathering...

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